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Prefabricados Arqiutectónicos

Architectural Precasts

The architectural precasts are elements precast in factory, the pieces are precast in shapes and dimensions according to the project. Made of special reinforced concrete.

The concrete is composed of white or grey cement and special aggregates, inorganic dyes can be incorporated in order to obtain the pigmentation and texture as defined by simples on the proposal of each project

Panel GRC Sandwich

Compuesto por 2 láminas de 10 mm de espesor cada una y un núcleo de aislamiento térmico (poliestireno expandido, lana de vidrio, lana de roca) de 100 mm de medida estándar. Ambas láminas están unidas perimetralmente conformando un paralelepípedo muy resistente; para mayor rigidez, también puede llevar nervios interiores. El panel resultante tendrá un peso de entre 60 y 80 kg/m². La superficie recomendable para éste no debe superar los 15 m2, con un lado de altura aconsejable de 3,15 m (que viene determinado por el tipo de transporte) y el otro lado de 5 m como máximo.


Nuevo I.E.S. Arganzuela – Madrid


68 Viviendas “Auriga” Valdebebas – MADRID

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Ecological Pavement

With the beauty and quality that characterize our products, Prefabricados PONCE, with their vast years of experience in the concrete industry would like to introduce their new range of ecological prefabricated products, that without a doubt, will pave the way towards a sustainable urbanism. Let´s assess and consider the positive qualities that are involved in…

Surface Treatment

At Prefabricados PONCE, we offer a novel treatment, that is applied during the manufacturing process, or after placement, thereby giving the tile a higher resistance to water absorption and preventing dirt and stains from easily penetrating the tile whilst managing to hinder annoying rubbish such as gum and derivatives from remaining stuck to the pavement.…

Innovative materials for modern cities

StonCe (c) Prefabricados Ponce. WHAT IS StonCe?: It’s a high strength mono-layered cement agglomerate, made with a process that has been perfected over the years which combines, vacuum, vibration, pressure and optimum curing, composed of cement, natural aggregates and additives, obtaining a compact and uniform product free from any cracks. FINISHES: The finish is like…


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