We present our company

We present our company

Prefabricados Ponce

A technological revolution in the manufacturing of cement bonded stones. The Prefabricados Ponce system is an exclusive technology that highly respects all the necessary preconditions for the cement manufacture of all types of prefabricated compounds with high quality stone.

A practical, durable, beautiful and very well liked product. Safe technologies.

Prefabricados Ponce, a leading manufacturer in Madrid’s (construction) sector for more thank 15 years, develops compound stones, developing manufacturing techniques and expanding facilities in the most diverse products and applications.


Respectful of the environment.

We are respectful of the environment, the raw materials which we use are natural stones obtained from quarries of marble, granite, quartz, quartzite and siliceous sands, plus water, cement and utilization additives that are normal in the concretes of derivatives of prefabricated of cements.

With the technologies and the materials used, eco-products for construction can be produced, taking advantage of the photocatalytic activities of some raw materials, as well as recycling some waste material.

The waste generated by the development of our products does not cause contamination.


Consistency inquality.

Upon completion, our manufacturing processes obtain products which are characterized by their constant excellent quality.

The processes in our production exclude any possible coincidence in the results.

Prefabricados Ponce´s infinite range of products, are able to project and produce with the certainty of always obtaining optimal characteristics.



The exceptional characteristics of our prefabricated products are due to the technology used and the manufacturing processes.

The percentage of water and cement remain constant throughout the manufacturing process, giving a homogeneity to the agromasa.

The agromasas are always dense, homogenous, compact and resistant, perfectly linked to the aggregate particles. In this way, porosity and dishomogeneity typical in fabricated products are avoided, by removing any excess water from the agromasa.

The vibration causes the optimal setting between each of the aggregate particles achieving an evenly compacted dough.


Our relationship with the client.

A true partnership, Prefabricados Ponce, boasts a complete R&D center, where products are created and developed in the cement derivatives sector and the related processes and production technologies are fine tuned.

We are right beside our client right from the conception of a construction project idea, as well as the economic study of the budget. We offer an integrated package of services.

  • Examination of the materials needed.
  • Preparation of product samples.
  • Technical support for the measurements and delivery schedules.
  • Documentation and compliance with UNE and CTC standards.
  • Supervision of the production and the execution of the works.


No limits to the imagination.

Freedom of composition, its beauty can be projected. Natural aspects of marbles, stones, quartz and granites can be chosen. You can even create absolutely new and original aspects and compositions, playing with different types of finishes and colours.

A range of products with a THOUSAND possibilities.