Facade Ventilated and Received

The ventilated façade is a coating system of the walls of the building that leaves a ventilated cavity between the cladding and insulation. In European academia circles, this is considered to the most effective way to enforce the insulation of the building, eliminating the undesirable thermal bridges as well condensation problems and thereby obtaining an excellent thermohygrometric behaviour of the building.



In order to reduce water absorption to an absolute minimum we offer the possibility of adding a water-repellent to the mass when carrying out the manufacturing of these pieces. Natural pigment shades are also used to adapt to the tones and colours of the environment in which they are to be placed.

Prefabricados Ponce´s ventilated façade system can be used in both new buildings and in the rehabilitation of façades, traffic spaces such as airports or stations, or in residential buildings, both collective and detached housing, in accommodation spaces or leisure, such as hotels, convention centers, shopping centers or other collective spaces such as hospitals, schools, universities, offices, sports centers or corporate and industrial buildings.